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The Clink Room from MLB Logo Designers

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009



Jason & Casey’s new cap line, The Clink Room, has just dropped their debut release. The first Edition features a concept logo taken from their design process with the Tulsa Drillers.

These hats caught our eye for a number of reasons: Each cap is an individually hand numbered. Only 150 pieces are made of each Edition. The tags on every cap are personally signed by the project designers and the cap underbills are lined The Clink Room's signature cork fabric, imported from Italy.

The caps also display the "Concept Phase" handwriting across the back of the cap, identifying the phase of the project the logo was sampled from. Lastly, the caps are identified by their trademarked "designers pencil over the ear." The icon changes color according to cap color. Sick.

Editions are available only at The Clink Room.




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