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The Beginning of the End

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 18 Apr 2010

“I have assembled some truly great, but niche artists into a massive unit ‘Urban-Muse’ who are currently working as a collective - each toiling away at making this show something truly, special. I'm sure all curators feel this way about their babies, but to me this is the art show I've always wanted to go to.


“One of my things that I think will be interesting is a lot of my artists have been videotaping/timelapse photographing their work as they do it, and we're going to project it on the front of the gallery through frosted windows for all of Haight street to see during the opening. It should look pretty rad.”


Participating Artists:

Give Up, Taren Meacham, Dec!mus, Cuca Refugia, Pobresito, Biafra Inc, Burner, Nichole Camarillo, and Michael Shapcott.


The Beginning of the End

Opens Friday May 14th, 2010

Lower Haters Gallery 597 Haight St.

San Francisco CA




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