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The Art of Nathalie Miebach

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 13 Mar 2011
Nathalie Miebach shows us a differnt look at science and nature. Her scultpures are a unique visualization of how numbers and scientific patters are prensented.In an interview with the Peabody Essex Museum, Nathalie describe her process as consisting of two parts "data collecting and the visual translation of data". Her scupltures are a translation of numerical sequences appearing in nature which she then turns into colorful woven mazes.


She goes on to describe the translation process. "It’s like I am peeling away the visual in order to see the number so I can retranslate it into something visual. Much too complicated! The more numerical and drier it looks, the better. Numbers function a bit like Lego pieces in that I assign each value a physicality that gets integrated into the basket. I never change the value of the numbers to conform to some sort of aesthetic preference. This allows the sculptures to exist as sculptures in space but also as actual devices that could be used to read data from a specific environment."

On her website you can preview one of her more recent projects where she creates musical scores from the data used to create her sculptures.
















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