The 60K-Piece Victorian House Made of LEGOS

Juxtapoz // Monday, 21 Feb 2011
Maybe we are just really impressed by Lego art. It took us hours to make that Lego pirate ship we got on Christmas morning when we were wee lads. So pardon us that we are super amazed and awed by a 60,000-pieced abandoned Victorian mansion made of Legos. We are very easy to amuse when it comes to these things.

Mike Doyle is the creator of said Lego Victorian, and has mentioned these bullet points as the behind the scenes of his home:

  • 5' x 3' x 2'
  • 50k - 60k pieces
  • Black, white, dark and bluish gray, clear trans and black trans colors used.
  • No foreign materials (wood, glue, paint or otherwise) were used - this is pure Lego.





Thank you to Geekologie.