Tattooed Portraits

Juxtapoz // Friday, 10 Mar 2006

photos by Ert O'Hara

In this new series of paintings by Shawn Barber, he renders portraits of his artist friends who have used their own bodies as a canvas, such as Mike Giant, Grime, Mike Davis, Paul Booth, Helen Garber, Marcus Pacheco, Jeremy Fish, Henry Lewis, Owen Smith and Tara McPherson. The show coincides with the release of his new book also entitled Tattooed Portraits, 112 full color pages of Shawn's portraiture series on well known contemporary painters and tattoo artists.

Opening Reception and Book Signing
Saturday March 4, 2006
Showing through April 2, 2006

Artist Shawn Barber... I blame the new black walls for throwing off the color balance in my camera... I got no excuse for the blurryness. Sorry guys.

Curator Justin Giarla and a highly-reflective friend



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