Interview with Dan Smith (as he tattoos Jason Maloney's stomach)

Tattoo // Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Hurley resident artist, Jason Maloney (Juxtapoz #70) is at it again. This time he paid a visit to his tattoo artist friend, Dan Smith of Kat Von D's High Voltage Tattoo in Hollywood. Dan takes us through the entire process of getting a tattoo and in this case, Jason is the canvas. Check out Jason getting his signature drunken elephant, 'Tippsy' (which is also available on a Juxtapoz tee) tattooed on his stomach. Ouch.

Win A Copy of the Juxtapoz Tattoo Book!

Tattoo // Friday, October 03, 2008
Because it’s the weekend, we decided to offer one of the single coolest books to ever be published, the Juxtapoz Tattoo Book, up to a winner that REGISTERS with Juxtapoz. This book is packed with photos of tattoos by Troy Penning, Alex McWatt, Brian Randolph, Chris O’Donnell, Scott Campbell, Daniel Trocchio, Steve Boltz, Bert Krak, Henry Lewis, Joseph Ari Aloi, Jason Schroder, Eli Quinters, and more. That’s an impressive list and a lot to offer our lucky winner for the gift of receiving occasional updates from us. You want to know what’s going to be included in upcoming issues of Jux anyways, so SIGN UP for our newsletter and you may even win the Juxtapoz Tattoo Book as an added bonus! SIGN UP HERE.

"Matcha": The Art of Japanese Tattooing

Tattoo // Friday, September 19, 2008
There's more to getting inked than you think. The art of Japanese tattoos will be the hot topic at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum's Matcha event on Thursday, October 2, 2008. Takahiro Kitamura – “Horitaka” apprentice to the revered master Horiyoshi III - is an author, prolific tattoo artist, and owner of State of Grace. He’ll deliver a talk on the time-honored art of Japanese tattoos, complete with live demonstrations of employing both traditional (no electric needles!) and modern techniques. Joining Horitaka's diverse, talented crew of tattooists are special guests from Japan: Shige, a powerhouse tat artist who's showcased all over the world; Mutsuo, of Three Tides Tattoo (Juxtapoz #84;) and Kazunobu Nagashima, a client of Shige who will proudly display his backpiece, which won a 2007 Milano Tattoo Convention award. Sweet.   Details on Matcha at matcha08october
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