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Tara McPherson's New Print

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 05 Apr 2007

Tara McPherson sent us a nice production process blog of an 18-layer print she recently created with her friends at The Decoder Ring Design Concern in Austin, TX.

Photos and captions courtesy of the artist

Tara painting the original drawing

A test print of the keyplate

The first screen

The first colour

A test print

The first two layers

Third layer added

Doin' stuff

Cutting rubylith

Final rubylith

Transparent varnish on layer 7

Silver layer 8

More ink

Registering with vellum


Layer 9

Painting in the shadows for layer 10

Layer 10

Inking. See the color mock-up on my laptop?


Burning the screen

Washing it out

Layer 11

Layer 12

Screen used for a real subtle white highlight on layer 13

Mixing the white

Adding oxide

Layer 13

Layer 14

Layer 15 (gold to green split fountain)

Some pink ink

Layer 16 (super transparent pink just on the cheeks)

Setting up the keyplate

Keyplate screen

The last two layers: the final line art and a varnish on top of the line art

Yay! This print is titled, "The Idealization of Asymmetrical Thought", and the entire run of 100 limited edition prints took five days to make, but they all sold out in one day! Thanks everyone! — xo Tara



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