Sweet Toof & Martin Lea Brown: Double Billing at Sartorial Contemporary Art

Juxtapoz // Friday, 19 Dec 2008

“Young, rising and collectable art star Sweet Toof comes from a position in the art world which blurs the boundaries between street art and graffiti and has some very important things to say through his work,” writes David Stuart for Sartorial Contemporary Art.

“Sweet Toof pays homage to the persona and tools of the graffiti movement in out of context settings such as art establishment museums. Sweet Toof has worked through a broad range of media from street wall and sculpture to modeling and painting, and in this show his sought after fine art skills as a painter are deployed to probably their finest effect to date.”

He’s talking about UK-favorite Sweet Toof’s (The Collectors shown above) new show at Sartorial in London, alongside Martin Lea Brown’s (shown having no fun at all, below) new series Fools Gold.

Martin Lea Brown’s paintings have a humorous response to the cash crisis. In the series Fools Gold, Brown constructs scenes in oil paints of masked raiders committing the perfect crime at point blank range. Daily scenes of heists, robberies and other high culture moments. He works the oils deeply to achieve a rich, vivid and colorful painting structure, his subjects are simultaneously satirical whilst retaining a dark humor.

See more of what we’re talking about in photos we snagged from Sweet Toof’s and Martin Lea Brown’s opening reception here…





Laying Low by Sweet Toof


Toof Pick by Sweet Toof


High Voltage by Sweet Toof


Toof Ache by Sweet Toof


Brick Lane Black Out by Sweet Toof


Ruff Neck 1 by Sweet Toof


Diggers by Sweet Toof


Dig It by Sweet Toof


The Collectors by Sweet Toof


Silly Rabbit, Wolf Man, Death Mask by Martin Lea Brown


Ingot by Martin Lea Brown


Sharp Exit by Martin Lea Brown


Super Grass by Martin Lea Brown


Tears of a Clown by Martin Lea Brown


Punch Drunk by Martin Lea Brown


Stag Night by Martin Lea Brown


Cry Wolf by Martin Lea Brown


Hussle Shuffle by Martin Lea Brown


More on Sweet Toof & Martin Lea Brown's double billing at Sartorial Contemporary Art at www.sartorialart.com




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