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Supersisters Trading Cards

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 22 Apr 2014

For the dedicated sports fan, a collectible trading card is a glorified and appreciated form of professional athletic recognition. Published in 1979 with a grant from the New York State Education Department, Lois Rich and her sister Barbara Egerman contacted five hundred women of achievement and created cards for the first seventy-two that responded. Inspired by Lois Rich’s (at the time) eight-year-old daughter who was a baseball card collector, she asked her mother why there weren’t any girls on the cards. Supersisters trading cards developed into a playful, informative, and accessible way to spread feminism to younger audiences. Emulating collectible sports cards, the Supersisters were a sold out set with over ten thousand sold. This is a fantastic collection honoring women in a variety of fields while mirroring a timeless form of sports memorabilia. 

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