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Super Issue No. 1

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 27 Jun 2012

We just picked up the latest offering from 607Visual, a 12 page full-color newspaper simply titled SUPER. Curated and published by 607Visual, Super is a collection of creative-writing, photography, painting, design, illustration, and more. Super has the feel and heart of a 'Zine but takes the shape of a newspaper. It is great to see images on a large scale, when it seems like anything print is just getting smaller these days. 607Visual also did a superb job curating Super, picking artists from around the world they teamed up with Jason YimCasey Ramsey, Chad Kouri, Deen DubiosTom SmithJoe BrookStrawberry Militia, and Brent Gentile.  We already cannot wait for the next issue, but while you're waiting do yourself a favor and pick the first issue here. It is an edition of 100, so they're sure to sell out quick.





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