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Stunning Paintings by China's Zhang Linhai

Juxtapoz // Monday, 26 Aug 2013

Stunning indeed. Chinese-based artist Zhang Linhai's paintings are surreal but politically charged pieces of art that take the anonymous, homogenous character and places them in either isolation or repetitive masses. The result is an unblinding support for an ominous power.

Today Art Museum writes, "Zhang’s oeuvres are easily recognised by his signature depiction of bald young boys wandering through, or flying over, an arid wasteland or countryside village. The scenes explicitly articulate feelings such as sadness, fear, a need for escape, stark shock or even bemusement. Zhang Lin Hai’s repeated arrangement of his motif displays a touch of sadness on top of nostalgia. In fact, these works are shaped by the artist’s past struggles and sufferings in life; the pain experienced after lifting up the veil of humanity and the desire of dreams within each growing person. The startling imageries within his canvases appear as if the episodes of Zhang’s past are constantly haunting the present."

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