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Studio Visit with Monica Canilao

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 05 Sep 2009

We had the honor of visiting Miss Monica Canilao’s studio in Oakland yesterday to pick up the piece that she graciously donated for our 15th Anniversary Auction. Like her art, the vibe of her studio was eclectic and cozy.

Tea bags were delicately strung across the walls and rendered into quilt-like patches, bits of lace hung softly over ledges, feathers adorned hanging baskets and her own stunning completed and in progress works were displayed about the space.

We chatted a bit about her array of in-the-works projects, future plans, and recent mishaps while sipping mate and meeting friends of hers who stopped by (members of NY-based band Japanther).


We would say that some of the best kind of art is that which inspires you to create on your own. And we definitely left inspired…


--Elise Hennigan



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