Between Wakefulness and Sleep

Street Art // Monday, July 25, 2011
What we know of this street artist is that they reside in Spain, their name may or may not be Xuan Alyfe, and they create mind-altering dreamlike work, and need to put more information on their flickr page.

Cat's Cradle

Street Art // Monday, July 25, 2011
Organized by design studio, Alexa Hatanaka and Patrick Evoke were commissioned by the mayor of Kangiqsujuaq Nunavik to paint the following buildings.  

Summer Games

Street Art // Monday, July 25, 2011
Japan-based artist, Concentrik Coaxial with this new wall in Okinawa.  

New Swoon Wall

Street Art // Monday, July 25, 2011
It’s been some time since posting any new Swoon walls. So, here one is, always esthetically and technically on point. One of the best.

Meggs, Anthony Lister, and Kid Zoom Video

Street Art // Saturday, July 23, 2011
Three of Australia’s most well know street artists were invited to collaborate together while visiting in the UK.  Watch as Meggs, Anthony Lister, and Kid-Zoom paint completely different style faces in an abandon warehouse.  

Build a Village

Street Art // Friday, July 22, 2011
Spain-based street artist, Hyuro, leaves the youth in a daze and builds his own new world.

Cat Fight

Street Art // Friday, July 22, 2011
Street artist Jaz and Cern go head to head on a rooftop in New York.

Mixed Media Print Show Video

Street Art // Friday, July 22, 2011
In February, a group of street artists came together for a group show exhibiting prints at Gko Gallery. The following video documents the process of the show and collaboration of painting a huge wall.  We have previously highlighted two of the artists featured in this video, Aryz and Grito, who both work in large-scale when working outdoors.  The video also features artist Kikx, Poseydo, Rostro, and Rgtd.

OffTheWall.Tv with Neckface Part 1

Street Art // Friday, July 22, 2011
Here is the newest installment from featuring Neckface.  Interested in stories of demoni mice fighting till the death?  Here it is.

Shoe House

Street Art // Thursday, July 21, 2011
Show salesman, Mahlon Haines, built the Shoe House in 1948 as an advertising gimmick .  The house, which is 25 feet tall and contains five stories, was once rented out to couples, and is now open for public tours.


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