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Spike Jonze x Arcade Fire Working on Short Film

Juxtapoz // Monday, 12 Apr 2010

Arcade Fire are due to release a new album later this year-- they've already got some festival gigs lined up. Could this be an extended music video a la Jonze's recent mini-epic for Kanye West, "We Were Once a Fairytale"? No final word from Arcade Fire's people yet, but fan site Joel's Arcade Fire Blog writes:


“Bliss! Absolute bliss! One of my favourite film directors, Spike Jonze, and Arcade Fire are indeed collaborating on a short film down in Austin, TX. A spokesperson for Spike Jonze today confirmed the ever-intensifying speculation by telling MTV News the following: “Spike will be in Austin shooting a short film which is a collaboration with Arcade Fire.”


The spokesperson however declined to comment any further on the project. /Film earlier today reported the story revolves around a concept of "friends growing apart" and that Spike Jonze has been casting mostly late teen actors for the project.”