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Sounds of the City: The 'Dictaphone Parcel' Animation

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010

As the hidden recorder travels through the global mail system, from London to Helsinki, it captures the unexpected.


We hear a mixture of abstract sounds, various types of transport and even discussions between the mail workers. The animation visualizes this journey by creating an imaginary documentary.


By Lauri Warsta


About Lauri Warsta [from her website]:


Lauri Warsta graduated from London’s prestigious Royal College of Art in 2010 with an MA Animation degree. Before studying at the Royal College of Art, he graduated from UCCA, Maidstone with a BA Animation degree in 2008. In 2007 he spent half a year in Baltimore, USA on a student exchange programme in Maryland Institute College of Art. Before and during his studies, Lauri has directed music videos and commercial projects with his animation production company Las Palmas Films Ltd.



Artist’s statement:


I want animation to cross borders, in terms of content and technique. I like to work in both narrative and non-narrative forms and also use and combine techniques ranging from hand-made to digital practices. I’m interested in making the two extremes clash and merge, for example by bringing uncontrollable movement of a real hand-held footage to the otherwise sterile computer animation or creating a narrative from an audio recording captured without my control. In other words, I always try to keep the presence of the unexpected and warmth in my animation.





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