Something to See: Comic Inventions @ Yale's Beinecke Library

Juxtapoz // Friday, 21 Oct 2011


We have been hearing about this exhibit at Yale's Beinecke Library tracing the lineage of the earliest comic artists, characters and graphic novels: Comic Inventions: The Pre-History of the Graphic Narrative in the Nineteenth Century. The exhibit focuses on the early comic works from 1830s to the 1880s in Europe and the United States.

Comic Inventions, on display at the Beinecke Library through January 7, 2012, examines a unique blossoming period of comics during the mid 19th Century, and looks at the characters Monsieur Jabot, Obadiah Oldbuck, Oscar Shanghai, Ichabod Academicus, Jeremiah Saddlebags, and others. Definitely worth a look. Go get yourself one of those Gant exclusives in the bookstore and look at some 19th Century goods.

The exhibit was put together by Curator of Modern Books & Literature Timothy Young. (via Yale Daily News)



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