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Juxtapoz // Friday, 15 Dec 2006
Friends With You and Scion teamed up at Art Basel 2006 to present Skywalkers, a giant blimp parade on December 7th on Miami Beach. Floating artworks were designed by Friends With You, Ara Peterson, Misaki Kawai, PaperRad, Devil Robots, Mumbleboy, and David Choe. The final show and auction of Installation 3, Scion's Art Tour also took place. Here are some photos.

Photos & captions courtesy of Evan Cerasoli

Early in the day, the balloons are starting to be filled with helium

Starting the process of laying out the balloons and filling them up

Blow up into funny shapes and sizes

Media talking to Friends With You and the other artists who created the balloons... Mumbleboy, PaperRad, Misaki Kawai, Devil Robots, David Choe, Ara Peterson

Lots of helium is needed

Balloon in box

Balloon on beach

Balloons waiting for the parade. volunteers underneath the balloons held onto them so they didn


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