Simon Peplow @Spine Skate Shop, UK: Photos

Juxtapoz // Monday, 30 Apr 2007
Strange Times is Simon Peplow's new solo show and installation at Spine Skate Shop and Gallery in Worcester, UK running until 26 May 2007.

The work is the most recent outpourings from his befuddled psyche, relating to the current state of the planet. "I guess it's a kind of subconscious social commentary of sorts, but visually perhaps not an obvious one," explains Simon. "It definitely has an emphasis on our planet: being conscious of our collective footprint, and the way we treat Mother Earth and each other on a daily basis. It's my way of dealing with the reality of it all."

Simon Peplow is a freelance illustrator based in the West Midlands. He is the co-founder of The Outcrowd Collective and is a member of the Banjo and Side Effects of Urethane Collectives. His clients include magazines such as Plan B, Lodown, Modart, Sidewalk, The Illustrated Ape and Vogue Magazine, as well as Pointer Footwear, Suburban Bliss Clothing and H&M. He was also featured in the 2005 book "Concrete to Canvas: Skateboarders' Art".

Spine Skate Shop and Gallery is a (fiercely) independent skater-owned skate shop, owned by artist Chris Bourke. Spine has been going for seven and a half years, with the gallery space launching this year in March with its inaugural show by Chris. Chris works predominantly in lino prints and has also produced board graphics for UK companies A Third Foot, Death Skateboards as well as Consolidated in the US. The gallery space at Spine is co-curated by his partner, Jo Waterhouse, author of "Concrete to Canvas: Skateboarders' Art" and the forthcoming "Concrete 2 Canvas: More Skateboarders' Art".

Photos by Jo Waterhouse

Exhibition flyer by Simon Peplow

Simon Peplow setting up the show at Spine Skate Shop & Gallery in Worcester, UK

Setting up 2

Setting up 3

Almost finished...

Finished installation

Show detail including "Don't Let These Days of Doubt Turn U Inside Out"

Show detail including "Dormant"

Show detail including "Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion"

Show detail "Love is the Ruler"

Show detail "Keep on the Sunny Side"

Show detail: Mobiles

Completed installation long shot

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