Jason Jagel, Monica Canilao and Jason Jaworski for Noise Pop 2011 Culture Club

Juxtapoz // Friday, 25 Feb 2011

The independent music and art festival Noise Pop has kicked off in San Francisco, and this weekend they are hosting Culture Club, "bringing together creative individuals from the community and beyond to participate in a series of exciting presentations on independent culture in its many forms." We are going to be speaking with photographer Joshua Blank and artist, Augustus Thompson. And two of our Detroit artists, Monica Canilao and Jason Jaworski will be there, too.

Come out if you are in the Bay Area. We are going to be speaking about how the notion of "local art" has a completely new meaning as we move into the future. It will sound better coming out of our mouths.

Artist Jason Jagel will also be hosting an hour-long presentation on about how music and art intersect in his career.

Here is the full press release for Monica and Jason's piece.



Future Sounds is a collaboration between artists Monica Canilao and Jason Jaworski, consisting of an on-site installation created by Monica Canilao and a performance within the space by Jason Jaworski. Culled from found objects, ephemera and other bits of houses long fallen, Canilao’s shack installation activates the dreams of all who look upon it; the roof bleeds colors of every possible outcome a path will take you once you step out of these four walls. In a performance within the installation, Jason Jaworski, dressed in a costume spilling out of the entrance, will be delivering fortunes and the prose of a person’s future on a typewriter to any who enter and inquire.

Saturday and Sunday, FEB 26-27 at SF Public Works.


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