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Sesper's Warfare Coloring Book for Kids

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 18 Aug 2010



Sesper added helpful sub-titles for all of us that don’t understand Portuguese, but in summary Sesper explains:


“I did this coloring book for my kids because both are always asking for some Disney princess stuff because of the TV influence I think, so I used some black and white dot contrast graphics with some weird creatures and situations usually found in my artwork. Also the name Warfare Coloring Book for Kids with the negative FX Manson cover graphic points to a grown up crowd I think, or I hope so.


“The video is a typical night back from work, with the kids at the kitchen drawing in their pajamas, Abigail's happy sing along, while Samuel the dog is doing his traditional annoying bark to the moon that makes the neighborhood go nuts. I think we have some fun, that's what matters.”


Pretty amazing insight shared in the film from such young kids. If only more children out there had such a cool dad, huh? Take a look at a few pages inside the book below, which is also available for purchase over here.









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