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Sesper: Digging into the Darker Side of Brazilian Current Events

Juxtapoz // Friday, 16 Jul 2010


In case you have not yet heard the story surrounding Bruno Fernandes de Souza, he is the goalie for Brazil’s most popular soccer team, Flamengo, who has been accused of ordering and then watching the murder and torture of his ex-mistress, actress and porn star Eliza Samudio. To make a horrid story short, de Souza got Samudio pregnant the first night they met and became enraged when she decided to keep the baby. Four months after she gave birth earlier this year, Samudio was kidnapped, taken to Bruno's cottage in the town of Esmeralda, tortured, killed, and had her body parts fed to dogs.


Sesper told us he was “planning on doing something positive for this Transfer show, but when I read about this story I became really upset. This just represents wrong values; money, greed, rage. It’s really sad and crazy and the killers have no remorse.”


Sesper is one of Brazil’s most highly regarded and well-connected artists. He seems to be friends with just about everyone and expresses his creativity through collages, painting, videos, books, zines, and music. This multi-faceted creator is a pioneer of the underground music and art scene in Sao Paulo. Only 35 years old, younger Brazilian artists cite him as a major influence and some recall attending his rock shows by Sesper in their early teens.


An extremely friendly and talkative artist, Sesper exudes passion. Whatever it is he is doing right then and there consumes him fully and it’s a pleasure to watch him in the process of creation. A fast worker, Sesper is one of the very first artists to finish his site-specific installation for the Transfer show, which opens this Sunday.


Sesper tells us, “I had an idea of what I wanted to do and created most of the pieces at home, then put it all together and painted it here.


“The man with a split face with a skeleton inside represents the two sides a human can have. It’s up the the viewer because many of the pieces can mean different things, but the concept revolves around the murder and how messed up in the head people can be.”


Collecting scraps of paper from magazines, posters, and other found items scouted by friends, Sesper brings discarded paper together is a meld of meaningful, exciting, and beautiful collages. “I'm just a normal guy,” he jokes with us after explaining his piece. “I have a family, I'm not all crazy!”


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