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Update: Sculptures by Christina Cordova

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 08 May 2014

North Carolina-based artist Christina Cordova's ceramic sculptures range from 'tabletop size to larger than life. Some are black, others white. They may be riding a beast, or adrift on a boat, or perched on an island in an archipelago, ready to hop to the next place.' "I feel my work performs in different layers,” she says. “I feel my work performs in different layers,” she says. “The most accessible are the ones that have to do with overt figuration, an in-your-face expression through gesture and scale. When you peel down, there are subtleties and color and symbolism, still quite universal but more embedded. And if you keep peeling down, eventually you’ll get to a level that is very close to my sense of culture – and very specific to that culture.”

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