Scott Saw's Microcosm

Juxtapoz // Friday, 02 Jun 2006

Microcosm is an exhibition of new paintings that explore space, nature, technology, family life and express the artist's continual interest with nostalgia.

The show features a new series of paintings that the artist created during the first months of his new son Kai's life. "With a new baby in the house and working out of my home studio all day and night, I have been very isolated - in fact, my wife turned my car into a storage shed for months because it never left the driveway. This solitude amonst my home and family certainly has influence my recent work. Every painting takes place on an "island" floating in space. I have recently become very interested in physics and understanding cosmology and string theory. Every painting in the Microcosm series contains design elements which are based on some of the simplest vibration patterns in string theory."

Scott Saw's Microcosm runs May 20th - June 30th, 2006 at M Modern Gallery

Photos of the show are here on Scott's website:



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