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Sam Flores’ "Ego, Addiction and Other Bedtime Stories"

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 01 Apr 2009

Sam Flores' (Juxtapoz cover #95) first solo exhibition at Subliminal Projects gallery, Ego, Addiction and Other Bedtime Stories, is opening May 2, 2009. This is going to be big.


Contrasting natural landscapes with fantasy, Flores invites us into a modern day narrative that delights and probes introspection.
In his show Ego, Addiction and Other Bedtime Stories, Sam Flores tackles what is perhaps one of the most pervasive themes in human existence: the struggle between light and dark.


Through color and contrast, Flores addresses those parts of our selves that seek to hide behind the protective mask of acceptance while our inner demons claw at us from the inside. “There is a constant war being waged in the fight for balance,” says Flores, “to determine which side of us, good or bad, will win out in any given moment.” Yet despite the eternal conflict, Flores never hesitates to remind us of the potential for beauty to shine through—even in our darkest hours.

About Sam Flores


Seventeen years after arriving on the West Coast from New Mexico, Sam Flores, art-school evacuee and self-taught illustrator, has established his place in the modern art movement as a master of fine art and product design. In keeping with the signature styling of his graffiti background, Flores’ current fine art work carries an instantly identifiable voice and vision.


His exotic characters and natural landscapes are at once lush and meticulous, such as his signature female Fatima figures draped in flowing gowns with oversized welcoming hands gracefully placed upon their laps. Childlike characters adorned in animal masks and intricate, flowing floral bouquets nod to the work of his greatest influences: American painter Michael Parkes and Maurice Sendak, creator of the classic children's storybook Where the Wild Things Are. Other influences include 19th-Century Art Nouveau icon Alphonse Mucha and American poster artist Derek Hess.


Beyond his fine art, Flores has achieved popular recognition through clothing lines, skateboard and snowboard designs, signature home decor pieces and a limited-edition collection of vinyl toys.



May 2nd - May 30th, 2009 at Subliminal Projects Gallery.

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