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Saber's Health Care Video Makes it to Top 20 in Obama Contest

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 28 Oct 2009

Exciting stuff, huh? How many graffiti artists do you know who are featured on the President of the United States’ website?  Well, if you know Saber, you wouldn’t be surprised that he would be the one to get involved…

This video was submitted as part of President Obama’s Health Reform Video Challenge to the country. Amongst thousands of competitors, Saber was chosen as one of the top 20 finalists. Now, he is asking you to vote for your favorite video of the group. The winner will be chosen for a national advertising campaign for Health Reform.
Here’s the link to the voting:

Each person can only vote ONCE for each video, and you have to vote for ALL 20 videos for your vote to count. So, take a few minutes and help us use art as a catalyst for social change.  We came together to get Obama elected, but the fight doesn’t end there. The president and congress need your action and support.


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