Ryniak Goes to the Con

Juxtapoz // Friday, 28 Jul 2006

Photos and text by Chris Ryniak

Artist Mike Burnett wishing he hadn't woken up that morning, we were both signing that day at TOY TOKYO's booth.

This is the booth for Samuel L. Jackson's new movie "Snakes On a Plane" This was before they opened the doors to the public, imagine a crowd 40 year old guys who live with their Moms carrying lightsaber replicas standing around this , that's what it looked like the rest of the time.

Here is my setup on top, I had-cast and painted 52 figures for the show. Mike Burnett's is on the bottom, he makes his dudes all out of wood.

These dudes didn't break character once, or Darth Vader would have dropped some darkside on thier shit. This was only one of many Boba Fetts, I lost count at 42. My favorite was the one I like to call Boba Fat.

TIm Biskup, bronze style.

My son rocking his green mohawk, a hairstyle not approved by the federation army.

Jeff Soto signing at the Hi Fructose booth. Jeff takes a lot of time and makes really elaborate drawings for everyone he signs for, even for the assholes that flip the stuff the next day. Soto: 1 million Karma points Bad guys: ZERO

Friends With You had their stuff set up at the StrangeCo booth. The assorment of Malfi's was way too awesome to decide which one to get, I had to go with the naked Malfi for my daughter. Amazing stuff, by far my favorite toy producers.

The Hulk was hanging out at a booth all by himself when I saw him. Dude is still huge.

Elvis stormtooper, with some dude in a green shirt, which in my opinion is a totally weak-ass costume. More effort next year okay green shirt?

Luke Chueh was hand customizing 100 of his little Devil figures, Every time I walked by he was still working. Some people were requesting how they wanted thiers painted, and Luke was totally cool an obliged them.

Pushead made a special appearance at the Super7 booth where he was selling a bunch of hand-painted figures for only 125 minutes. People were lining up at 10:30 AM for the sale at 4:30 pm. I didn't stick around for the chaos, but I heard everything sold at top dollar.

Mars 1 was signing at the StrangeCo booth too. First time I've ever met him in person, he's good people and looks good in camo hats.

L to R: Greg "Craola" Simkins, I'm going to be a jerk here because I fogot dude in hat's name, Joe Ledbetter, and Amy. More People I was meeting for the first time, sorry guys, someone has to hold it down in the midwest.

Super nice piece by Brian Morris at the Back In the Day show.

Cam De Leon, again, NICE!

Motley crew of teenagers (L to R) Me, Tristan Eaton, Michael Uman, AZK and Sket One.

Prototype's of Cameron Tiede's new figures at the KaChing Brands booth, which was the raddest booth there, two stories of ill toy madness.

Ewok prototype, this is one of the nicest figures I've seen since the Kaws/Pushead. Horse-headed awesomeness.

All around nice guy Jeff Soto again, this time with famiy in tow, proving that great artist make good looking babies too.

Wheaty Wheat Studios owner Rich VanOver and his kids. Wheaty Wheat got screwed out of their booth by the people over that the convention center, so they set up at 5 & A Dime, a toy boutique a couple of blocks away. I scored a J Led Ice Cat in a raffle, which I'm told is worth some major flow, but I'm going to hoard it for my collection.

Joe Ledbetter, Raymond Choy, and Voltaire.

Friends With You: Sam and Tury. These guys are monsters of magical love and hapiness and leave a trail of sparkles and wonder wherever they go. If you ever need a hug, they're probably good for it.

Celebrating my 30th at Farrell's annd the Mt. Helix Sundae. Incidentally this was the last Farrells franchise left and it shut down a few days after we left. Overall Comic Con way super-fun, can't wait to do it again next year, in FULL BOBA FETT ARMOR.

For more information about the Con, please visit the website www.comic-con.org, and to hook it up with Ryniak, go check him out at www.bigistudio.com.



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