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Ryan McLennan "Abominations" @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 13 Oct 2011

We are huge supporters Ryan McLennan's serene and beautiful acrylic and graphite on paper works for a long time now, and we are happy to see his second solo show at Joshua Liner Gallery, Abominations, is set to open on October 20.

One thing you really miss here is the size of McLennan's pieces. This piece in particular, The Immortal, seen above, is nearly 6 feet long. McLennan's piece created for the 15th Anniversary Juxtapoz Auction was one of the most sought after pieces, especially after it was shown at our gallery presentation.

Liner Gallery notes, "Abominations takes up universal questions, such as speculating on the existence of God and what it means to be moral. In the large work The Immortal, an elk with an impressive rack is pinned by a tree branch into a peculiar, torture-like pose against a white background. On and about him are smaller creatures—hummingbirds and rats —that appear to relish in the great beast’s suffering. Or perhaps they’re merely rubbernecking, taking in the tragic fall of the mighty with relief but also a little schadenfreude."


Ryan McLennan
October 20—November 19, 2011
Joshua Liner Gallery


New York, New York


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