RIchard Serra's "Sequence" at Cantor Arts Center, Stanford

Juxtapoz // Monday, 02 Jan 2012


Back in July 2011, Richard Serra's large scale, site-specific sculpture Sequence was installed at the Cantor Arts Center at Standford University. Transporting the piece is a major architectural endeavor, requiring the the piece to be deconstructed and eventually reassembled in a tedious process involving heavy-duty trailers, cranes, and careful positioning, clamping, and welding. The four-day installation in many ways evoked the same type of confusion that the original piece was meant to convey. These videos from Daily Serving reveal the careful alignment and reconstruction of Serra's grand sculpture, unveiling the complexity of creating this architectural experience.

Serra Walk Through from Daily Serving on Vimeo.

Serra Swinging Plates from Daily Serving on Vimeo.

Serra Riggers Installation from Daily Serving on Vimeo.

Serra Time Lapse from Daily Serving on Vimeo.


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