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Revok Hits the Streets of Miami

Juxtapoz // Friday, 04 Dec 2009

Taking advantage of his newly acquired freedom, Revok (Juxtapoz #78) has been working on crafting a large-scale outdoor mural as part of Primary Flight in Miami.


Revok has been traveling non-stop lately and after a highly publicized arrest in Australia and a similar bout of bad luck in his hometown of Los Angeles just a few weeks ago, you would think he may be game for some r & r.

But the prolific street artist is busy as ever, making appearances all over Miami and working on a solo mural in Wynwood.


We when solicited as to how the Miami art world was lucky enough to be graced by his presence this week, he told us that he “got a really good lawyer”. Guess that’s the key.
We snapped these pics of Revok’s work in progress. It’s exciting to see the beginning stages of a complex piece by the king of Los Angeles graffiti himself.


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