Regino Gonzales, Dee Dee Cheriel, and Henry Gunderson at White Walls Gallery

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 02 Dec 2008

White Walls Gallery in San Francisco presents a joint show featuring Regino Gonzales, Dee Dee Cheriel, and Henry Gunderson opening Saturday, December 13th and running through January 3rd.

Regino Gonzales began his tattoo apprenticeship in May of ’95 and earned a B.F.A. from the School of Visual Arts in 2001. Since then his work has evolved into a mix between vintage and tribal imagery comprised of nature inspired graphic images coinciding with expressive forms. Gonzales started out working in skin in Southern California, but through his visual arts degree has gained experience in all forms of fine art, which is apparent in his newest work. Using strong metaphors, heavy imagery, and a touch of dark humor to explore personal narratives Gonzales takes his graphics beyond common tattoo art, evolving them into multi-dimensional compositions with a style all their own.

From designing record covers and t-shirts for Oregon’s music scene in the early 90s to having her own band, record label, and a series of short films Dee Dee Cheriel seems to have done it all. Now she can add accomplished artist to the list. Cheriel currently resides in L.A. but has touched all ends of the world living and studying in Chile, England, Portugal, Spain, and her native India. Like Gonzales, Cheriel also explores personal narratives. Although in her art she stresses the human need and desire to connect with each other and with the world. Drawing from her oppositional influences, Cheriel infuses Pacific Northwestern creatures within natural landscapes draped in textiles that speak of traditional Indian patterns and splashes of punk rock neon.

An artist also of many influences, Henry Gunderson is inspired by juxtapositions such as, people vs. animals, nature vs. man-made human perception, music vs. silence, and of course skateboarding. Focusing on the process more than the outcome in his work, he allows the piece to evolve over time into something man-made but also natural. He claims that his work focuses on “the connections us humans have with nature or the animalistic qualities in a persons character”. Young and ambitions, Gunderson will find himself back at school in a few weeks perfecting his skills at the Art Institute here in San Francisco. Gunderson’s purpose sums up all three artist’s work and speaks to the overall feeling of the show, which encourages viewers to contemplate the timeless question of human existence within nature.

The opening reception will be held Saturday, December 13th from 7PM – 11PM at 835 Larkin.

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