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Real or Fake: Scarface School Play Viral Video

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 01 Apr 2010

Spoofs are so common nowadays, that often a viewer doesn’t know if something is real or fake. Take, for example, this insanely popular video of a child school play of Scarface. The way its shot and the real audience reacting to the children’s violent interpretations of the original film is believable.


Apparently the play was, in fact, not a real children’s school play. It was the work of Marc Klasfeld and was put out via the folks over at Sharethrough.

We thought it was a brilliant and entertaining video. It proves again the evolution of online video that is happening at a rate of every 13 seconds these days.


The “is it real or is it fake” video has evolved to the point where great directors are shooting things…and not even for brands: simply in the name of virality. Kudos to both parties for making the video and distributing it to everyone online. We just hope the kids involved were never fully explained the meaning of the lines they were asked to recite.


See the original video below if you hadn’t seen it yet. And if you hadn’t yet…what were you doing, working?






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