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Reader Art 29 May 06

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 28 May 2006

Artist: Gabe Marquez
Title: "Idol of Cthulhu"
Medium: Coleman Porcelain, glaze, glass, resin

Artist: Gregory Euclide
Title: "What Happens Here: Reflexive Property"
Medium: Acrylic, pencil, pen, transfer, stickers, paper

Artist: Ian Francis
Title: "Don't worry about anything Miss Lavigne, it's time to go see the Wizard"
Medium: "a mixture of painting, drawing, photography and scans of textures, layered together and edited heavily in Photoshop"

Artist: Jesus Raudiel
Title: "Allison is growing up"
Medium: Pencil on paper

Artist: John Larriva
Title: "Pink Hell Monkey"
Medium: Photoshop

Artist: Tanya Pshenychny
Title: "Pity Song"
Medium: Watercolor and ink

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