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Reader Art 23 Jan 06

Juxtapoz // Monday, 23 Jan 2006

Artist: Brandon Reese
Title: "Oh, by the way..."
Medium: Gouache on illustration board

Artist: Daniel Hyun Lim
Title: "Guitar Fawn "
Medium: Acrylic, colorpencil and photoshop

Artist: Irana Douer
Title: "Untitled"
Medium: Papercuts and acrylics on wood

Artist: Jeredt Runions
Title: "Which way do I go when the day comes"
Medium: Acrylic

Artist: Lola
Title: "Belinda took her ball gag out and she was feeling fine"
Medium: Acrylic

Artist: Mephisto Jones
Title: "Untitled"
Medium: Spraypaint (+ stencil)



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