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Reader Art 20 Aug 07

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 09 Sep 2009

This week in Reader Art: Alejandro Cardona, Bill Carrick, Derek Lawrey, Jeff Jacoby, Jeffrey Bertrand, Jessica Stewart, Joe Guy Allard, Joe Kelly, Mike Cressy, Patrick Clemmons, Tyson Koerper, and Will Bruno

Artist: Alejandro Cardona
Title: "Another Day at the Bus Stop"
Medium: Gouache on paper

Artist: Bill Carrick
Title: "Leafy Glade"
Medium: "Ink drawing on a photograph worked in on photoshop"

Artist: Derek Lawrey
Title: "Loneliness of Internet Girl"
Medium: Mixed: Acrylic, pen & ink, watercolor, pencils, and marker on postal label

Artist: Jeff Jacoby
Title: "Happy"
Medium: Acrylic

Artist: Jeffrey Bertrand
Title: "when the man comes around"
Medium: Ink, acrylic, paint markers, and love

Artist: Jessica Stewart
Title: "Santa Monica"
Medium: Photography

Artist: Joe Guy Allard
Title: "Soccer Mom"
Medium: Acrylic on masonite

Artist: Joe Kelly
Title: "nina"
Medium: Pen & ink

Artist: Mike Cressy
Title: "Family Twilight Summer Drive"
Medium: Acrylic on masonite

Artist: Patrick Clemmons
Title: "Television"
Medium: Linoleum relief print Screen print

Artist: Tyson Koerper
Title: "Marissa's Epiphany"
Medium: Hand-drawn with pencil and rendered digitally in Photoshop using brushes and various photographs

Artist: Will Bruno
Title: "A Portrait Of A Painter And An Interpretation"
Medium: Oil on canvas

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