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Reader Art 10 Jul 06

Juxtapoz // Monday, 10 Jul 2006

Reader Art was absent last week due to a week long celebration of Independence Day. But now, it's back and ready to share some of the submissions we've received. Let us (and the artists) know what you think in the comments.

Artist: Andrew Steiner
Title: "Bubble Doom"
Medium: Mixed media on canvas

Artist: Anthony Carpenter
Title: "Night of the Tiki"
Medium: Pencil on smooth finish Bristol board

Artist: Bailey Saliwanchik
Title: "Winter Painting"
Medium: Oil on canvas

Artist: Darren Goldman
Title: "Sponge Bob Leather Face"
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artist: Ken Garduno
Title: "dramaH"
Medium: Watercolor and colored ink on paper

Artist: Robert Carter
Title: "Loogaroo II"
Medium: Oil on masonite

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