Reader Art 06 Feb 06

Juxtapoz // Monday, 06 Feb 2006

Artist: Barrett Skrypeck
Title: "Talking to Childred About Sex"
Medium: Acrylic, marker, india ink, vellum; on masonite panels

Artist: Charles Santarpia
Title: "Mommy's Little Helper"
Medium: Oil on panel

Title: "Childbeast smokes and likes it"
Medium: Acrylic and marker and pen and carbon residue on chipboard

Artist: Gabe Richesson
Title: "Do It"
Medium: Acrylic on wood panel

Artist: Joey Remmers
Title: "Arrival of the Last Hope"
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artist: Kristian Olson
From his series "Firecracker: Because We Like You"
Medium: Mixed media



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