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"Jeremy Lin is the f*ckin' truth"

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 21 Feb 2012


On the phenomenon that is Jeremy Lin, author Chuck Klosterman recently opined that his hoops skills and likability are secondary to the fact that his ascent was unpredictable. In our highly-quantifiable, overly-regulated and mostly-predictable lives, a Jeremey Lin is a statisical anamoly.


We have to agree - but it's not like Lin ran out of the stands and started hitting game-winning threes and throwing left-handed dimes to Ty Chandler. The guy was on a professional basketball team, after all, and presumably amongst the best 350-400 people in the world at his particular profession.


However he made it, we're admittedly suckers for all the coverage (and added him to our league-leading fantasy squad, natch!). Amongst all the hype and ESPN oversturation, this video from the esteemed hoops blog Got 'Em Coach captures the opinions that really matter: those belonging to Knick fans. Not lower-level Knick fans but upper level, diehard outer-borough Knickerbockers. Knick fans who've suffered through Howard Eisley, Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis, Isiah Thomas and more recently, Toney Douglas. Just a bunch of your average sneaker-wearing, LIRR-riding, Staten Island split-level living, shit-talkin' New Yawkers.





—Andrew Bangs




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