Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 28 Jun 2006

A free and independent webmag published three times annually, purpose explores the landscapes of contemporary photography by publishing the portfolios of emerging artists. Their second edition takes a look at a specialized genre which unites intimate fiction and the chronicle of the ordinary. They propose two versions of this theme. The first, from North America, is little known in France, with the exception of Nan Goldin. The favorite subjects are the immediate environment of the artist, his friends, his family, parties, nightime wanderings or the artist himself. The style is direct, raw, sometimes even unaesthetic. The other version, from Europe, uses a noticably more sophisticated presentation. Strongly introspective, it proposes a vision removed from the everyday.

There are six artists featured in Numéro 2. Each artist has between 16-32 pages to fill with images (and some with accompanying audio), with the exception of Brad Phillips' "Dear Diary", which is a collection of 12 photographs that have been transformed into watercolor paintings. Other contributors are Tod Seelie, Gerald Garbez, Maya de Forest, Kevin Romaniuk, and Dan Siney.

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