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Propagating Room by Yayoi Kusama

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 29 Aug 2009
Kusama’s charmingly simple work transforms environments with her trademark polka dots.

“She cropped up in London’s Hayward gallery exhibition, Walking in My Mind, earlier in the summer, where she covered a room and a series of objects in a cartoonish toadstool pattern of red background and white spots,” writes Wallpapaer.

“Her work for Six is equally fantastical though a little more sophisticated. In a darkened room she has created a series of coloured dots, projecting over all the furniture and people who inhabit it, encompassing everything that inhabits it in a continuous form of performance art. To kick start proceedings, a dinner was held amongst the bright spots on the opening night. In another room she has hung some of her recent seminal canvases, with a mirror that distorts and reflects as you move along the gallery space.

“Six, named after Comme’s magazine published between 1991-1998, will host different experiential exhibitions every few months, the next scheduled for November. Taking the symbolic connotations of the number 6 as its lead, as a number implying intuition or flair, the space is not intended as just a regular gallery space, but more of an environment in which artists can express the scope of their entire creative vision.”

Event runs through November 8th, 2009

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