Preview—Hilary Pecis “Half Truths and Outright Lies” at Guerrero Gallery

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011


One of the more exciting artists to enter our radar over the past 24 months is Hilary Pecis, whose body of work consists of landscapes constructed from Internet images. Her progressive and innovative works are an ushering in of new forms and methods of creating large-scale collage works with modern technology.

Pecis will be showing “Half Truths and Outright Lies” in the Project Room at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco opening February 12, 2011. Another artist of interest, Ryan Wallace, will be showing in the adjoining space at the same time.

Guerrero Gallery writes "A lover of epic landscapes, Pecis starts the construction of her landscapes with mountains, jungles, icebergs, and deserts. By way of the nature of Internet searches, other images happened upon are utilized, shifting the initial direction of the landscape. Constructed with little research or question, making for an amateur idea of how places should appear, her landscapes mix varieties of flora from different regions and mountains from across the world. Images pulled from sensational news stories have also found their way into the work, giving the image a somewhat longer lifespan."

What makes us excited and intrigued by Pecis' work is the use and creation within new media and new mediums. Collage art and the Internet seem so intertwined and related, that we have been seeking out artists who seem to capture the spirit and energy of the "daily browsing" tendencies that we all have. Pecis takes these elements and makes interesting, and at times beautiful digital collage work. It is like a Tumblr come to life.

Here are samples of Pecis' work that will be at Guerrero Gallery:









Hilary Pecis

Half Truths and Outright Lies
February 12—March 5, 2011
Guerrero Gallery
San Francisco, California


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