Preview: Trailblazers International Contemporary Art Exhibition

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 12 Nov 2008

Trailblazers is an upcoming international contemporary art exhibition that focuses on just that: artists that are leading the way, blazing trails, in the world of contemporary art.

Opening next Wednesday, November 19th from 6-10 pm at Boutwell Draper Gallery in Sydney Australia, Trailblazers promises to be a groundbreaking and controversial exhibition of popular urban contemporary, street-pop, and outsider artists from the United States, Europe, and Australia. The participating artists work in a broad range of media, from painting and photography to sculpture, installation, video and digital arts, but all remain cohesive in their continuous evolution as artists and their respective growing global audiences.

Trailbazing artists include Cleon Peterson (Juxtapoz #85), Anthony Lister (Juxtapoz #81), Matt Furie (Juxtapoz #80), Alex Pardee (Juxtapoz #79), Kill Pixie (Juxtapoz #93), and many more. Trailblazers opens November 19th and will continue through December 13th, 2008.

Take a look at our sneak preview and learn more on the artists in Trailblazers below:

Andy Uprock who will be using the hangar-style space to install a version of his "cup rocking" technique, fitting drink cups into the mesh of cyclone fencing to create hypnotic designs.
Kill Pixie (Los Angeles), formerly from the streets of Sydney now creates thematically rich paintings of intense detail and precise technique.
Sydney-based globetrotter Ben Frost, who twists, subverts and encrusts pop imagery onto his canvases. Painter and installation artist, Anthony Lister (New York/Sydney) reconstructions of urban pop-mythology and superhero characters as seen through well-traveled maturity have provoked a global following.Cleon Peterson (San Francisco) whose paintings depict slow motion battles between authority and submission.The unstoppable Buff Monster (Los Angeles) who once dominated the streets with his graffiti-buffing characters and now directs them onto the canvas in scenes of opulent sensuality. The frenetic Alex Pardee (San Francisco) and his paintings of haunting creatures that ooze, explode and excrete colorful graphic matter.Kelsey Brookes (San Diego), a formally trained scientist who's personifications of Eastern dieties and exotic animals overflow with Americana ornamentals.Supreme graffiti artist DMote (Los Angeles) who has applied his highly respected skills with brush and can to every surface from paper to clothing for Ksubi. Portrait artist Ian Johnson (San Francisco), who focuses on the spontaneous nature of Jazz music and the explosive personalities behind it.Matt Furie (San Francisco) who combines traditional and modern mark-making for his ripe, cartoon-inspired characters. Sydney's own Numskull a favorite on the street and in the gallery for his epic mashes of text and pop figures arranged to devise an entirely new entity. The sweet characters of Hush (UK) silently appear like an army of the innocent across Europe, yet come to rest in playful repose as compositions on board and canvas.  Trent Whitehead, the painter and installation artist with a fantastic sense of how mythology can be translated through various mediums to justify social institutions. Pure Evil (London) whose name precedes his nature, using stencils and paint to create street-pop images of unusual dark beauty and mystery. J. Shea (San Francisco) a self described "painter, sculptor and assembler of junk".

The intuitive Jesse Hogan who composes geometric, fluid and abstract forms to capture and hold hostage the mind and imagination. The cleverly dubbed 1337 ("Leet") uses a unique brand of B-grade horror inspired propaganda to investigate the duality between historical and popular culture. A stencil rose is the trademark of Copyright (London) whose aerosol pieces bring grace to the streets of London. The cut and paste pop duo PlusMinus (Amsterdam) infuse an experienced European feel with the riotous nature of their images. The Perth-based Kid Zoom, a fresh personality in street art, set apart by his advanced technique and style.
Regan "HA HA" Tamanui, one of the most well-known and respected pioneers of the street art and stencil movement in Melbourne.


Anthony Lister

Cleon Peterson


Ian Johnson

Jesse Hogan

Kelsey Brookes

Kid Zoom

Alex Pardee

Trent Whitehead





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