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Preview: The Dark Wave by Herbert Baglione

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 10 Dec 2009

Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione (Juxtapoz #102) will show off new works in a show at FIFTY24SF Gallery. As one of our favorite artists, we cannot wait to see what Herbert has in store for us.

Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione has been a strong interest in the South American graffiti movement for more than ten years. Inspired by Brazil’s street culture, Baglione started experimenting with new ways to look at his urban environment of Sao Paulo and provoked dialogue about his fresh perspective on urban artwork.

Alongside these efforts are Baglione’s distinctive mural designs and stretched figures representing humans and aliens. These are often balancing elongated and rounded extremes with dramatic iconic symbols such as familiar urban architecture.

Influenced by his older brother, Baglione began painting at the age of three, and has found his greatest interest in provoking themes such as death, individualism, family, and chaos. These complex themes alongside his distinctive style have given Baglione deserved recognition in the international graffiti scene.






“The Dark Wave” features new sketches and paintings on canvas on display at FIFTY24SF Gallery from December 10, 2009  – January 28, 2010.

“The Dark Wave”
Opening Reception:
Thursday Dec, 10th, 2009
248 Fillmore St. SF



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