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Preview: Tahiti Pehrson at Ever Gold San Francisco

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 07 Jul 2011

Tonight, July 7, at Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco, Tahiti Pehrson will be presenting layered monochromatic three-dimensional paper pieces that play off of shadows and light, creating dramatic scenes in a solo show, Theta Pegasi. We have a few preview photos of Pehrson's installation and works for you to check out.

Of note, Tahiti Pehrson has produced a number of artworks for musicians, including Joanna Newsom and Devendra Banhart. As Ever Gold notes, "Pehrson is drawn to the ephemeral qualities of working with paper. A strong gust of wind or the simple slip of the artists’ hand could ruin the delicate pieces. Similar to the process of sand mandalas, Pehrson mimics this tradition’s transient nature by burning select works upon completion, perhaps as an offering to the transitory nature of life, to the stars or to the young beasts."



Tahiti Pehrson

Theta Pegasi

July 7—July 28, 2011

Ever Gold Gallery

San Francisco, California



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