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Preview: Mark Mulroney "Sent Upstate" at Guerrero Gallery

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 12 Jul 2011

We got a message the other day from Mark Mulroney, who happens to be featured in our current July 2011 issue of the magazine. The message listed off a bunch of information about San Francisco, including "It has fewer murders per capita than 16th Century Lisbon."

Actually the full message went:

Dear Cherished Loved One,

I have a few facts about San Francisco to share with you:

-Willie Mays used to live there

-It wasn't always called San Francisco

-It has fewer murders per capita than 16th Century Lisbon


-I will be having a show there opening Sunday July 17th at Guerrero Gallery. We will be having a pleasant barbecue and my mother and grandmother will be on hand to autograph family related items. Please feel free to come and share in the joys of San Francisco's thriving art scene.



Mark Mulroney
Sent Upstate
July 17—August 6, 2011
Guerrero Gallery
San Francisco, California


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