Preview: Lister, Brookes, Kill Pixie at Lab 101

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 01 Nov 2007
Another cool show (in a seemingly bottomless bucket of them) opening this weekend is 'Replace 'Please' with Fast & 'Thank you' with Good' at The Lab 101 Gallery on Saturday, November 3rd in Culver City, California. It's a super sick triple-header with Australian artists Anthony Lister, and Mark Whalen aka Kill Pixie along with San Diego-based artist (and wicked beard farmer) Kelsey Brookes. We are psyched to have and share this sneak peek of the show.

Photos courtesy of the gallery

Laying out the work


Bulk is no Substitute for Strength

Kelsey growing that beard


Last touches

Kill Pixie

Inside canoe

Walen painting his canoe

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