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Pop Goes the Street: Jonathan LeVine Narrates for The New York Times

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 10 Mar 2010


Two of our all-time favorite artists, WK Interact and Doze Green, both now based in NYC, are profiled along with a smattering of other artists such as Gary Baseman, The Date Farmers, Tara McPherson, Shag, and James Jean.


“Unlike Pop Art, which drew on similar sources to comment on art and culture, ‘for this generation, who grew up on TV, pop-culture imagery is their language,’ Mr. LeVine said. ‘Their culture is pop culture,’ The Times article states.


Nothing too revelatory is stated in the feature by John Strausbaugh, but it does mark a shift in mainstream public perception of a genre that, until recently, was considered an ‘outsider art field.’


In being profiled by highly reputable news source The New York Times, our friends and artists are being given a new platform in which to expose the greater American and international reader to street, urban, and pop art.


Smattered with quotes from past Jux cover artists, such as Jeff Soto and Adam Wallacavage, the article gives laymen a nice intro to Contemporary Urban Art, Lowbrow Art, and Pop Surrealism.




The Five Year Anniversary Exhibit of paintings, drawings and sculptures referenced is on view at Jonathan LeVine Gallery through March 27.

The article from The New York Times is here.

The coinciding slideshow is here.



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