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Polly Morgan @ Workshop Venice

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Polly Morgan, the modern taxidermist we have featured in the magazine in the past, will be showing Burials at Workshop Venice, starting on June 3, 2011. As the Workshop notes, "Morgan has contributed to a shift in public perception that has taken ‘the art of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals with lifelike effect’ to places never dreamed of by its original Victorian practitioners."

They continue to write "For ‘Psychopomps’ at Haunch of Venison last year, this theme of disintegration and recomposition was keenly explored. ‘Burials’ takes this idea to its logical end, interment and then potential rebirth elsewhere. ‘The coffin’ (Carrion Call), with its shrieking chicks, makes a welcome return, this time transported to the dimly-lit backroom of a Venetian palazzo; Count Dracula’s transportation of his own coffins from Transylvania to Carfax Abbey in London, performs an almost perfect reverse. A sense of imprisonment and the futility of escape dominates this exhibition, escape is actually, both metaphorically and physically, an unlikely possibility."

Polly Morgan
June 3—July 22, 2011
Workshop Venice
Venice, Italy


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