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Pixel Power Prints by Mike Myers

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 17 Jul 2011

Pixel art can be entertaining sometimes, and Mike Myers has created a great series of posters of pixel superheroes and movie characters, mostly stemming from Star Wars and comic books. Personally, the Hans Solo and Chewbacca one is a key.

Says Myers, ""I've always been a huge fan of pixel art, and my interest was re-ignited when I saw the amazing artwork done by Superbrothers and the iOS game Sword & Sworcery, I decided to start doing some pixel art of my own, and began on working on some pixel representations of some of the comic book superheroes with movies coming out in the near future (sadly I haven't been able to get to the theater for Thor or Green Lantern). I'm a huge comic book nerd, so it was a blast trying to include all the recognizable details of the heroes using only a few pixels. I then started messing around with some other pop culture properties, beginning with Firefly and Star Wars."

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