Picks of the Harvest

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 13 Nov 2005
Picks of the Harvest, Batch One:
Group show with James Marshall (aka Dalek), Sean Christopher, Julie West, Emily Flake, Anthony Ausgang, Seizam Quintana, Sam Wellington, Erick Rodriguez, Daniel P. Quinones, Cameron Tiede, Mark Price, Jed Voltz, Thomas Han, Audrey Kawasaki, Valerie Nunez, SFAUSTINA, Nick Yarger, Ronald Kurinawan, Joshua Clay, Isaac Pierro, Sophia Pottish, John Michael Gill, Nevada Hill, James Naccarato, Brooke Reidt, Robert Bisi, Jesse Dore Lawson, Greg "Craola" Simkins, L. Croskey, Lesley Reppeteaux, Ekundayo, Nathan Spoor, Lola, Myna Sonou, Michele Waterman, Jasmine Worth, Anthony Clarkson, and live mural paintings by Buffmonster and Mear One
657 N Spaulding Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

Opening: Nov 11th, 2005
Runs: Nov 11 - Dec 4, 2005
Photos: Ert O'Hara

Artist John Michael Gill

Artists Thomas Han, Andrew Hosner (thinkspace co-captain), Joshua Petker, Sylvia Ji

The Buffmonster doing his thing

Audrey Kawasaki and her friend Leah

Mear One shaking it up

LC (thinkspace & Cannibal Flower) with artist Dennis Larkins

Mear One painting gigantic outdoor mural on the gallery

Artists James Naccarato and Jophen Stein completely stoked out of their minds

Eff You T-shirt

Greg Escalante getting some affection

Outdoors behind the gallery

Artist Joe Ledbetter

Artist Luke Cheuh (right) enjoys a Squirt

Epic standing-around outside behind the gallery

Bronx loves poodles

Shawn Hosner (thinkspace co-captain) and Michelle

Detail of Dalek's "Oklahoma #2"

Detail of Anthony Ausgang's "Gitmo"

Miles and Miles and Miles (or so they claim)

Detail of Craola's "Children Be Scared"

Detail of Julie West "Billy McBean Narrowly Escapes The Fate of the Scary Balloons"

Detail of Audrey Kawasaki's "OwlGirl"

Detail of Dan Quintana's "Tommy's Serenade"

Detail of Nick Yarger's "Tsunami Highrise"

Detail of Lola's "Simon Was Simply Caught"

Detail of James Naccarato's "Night Terror"

Detail of Nathan Spoor's "The Changeling"

Artist Lola (right) and friends

Artist Nathan Spoor

Artists Sylvia Ji, Savanna Snow, and Natalia Fabia

Detail of Myna Sonou's "Beautiful Tomfoolery"

Erick Rodriguez' "Metropolis"

Ekundayo's "Where The Wild Things Dwell"

Detail of "Matt" by Nevada Hill

"Rite of Exorcism" by John Michael Gill

Part of Emily Flake's triptych "Tenacity Is Overrated"

Detail of Daniel P. Quinones' "Happy"

Detail of SFaustina's "Dreamer"

Someone who wanted to try on my glasses

New friend Whiskey Dick

Cameron Tiede

Brooke Reidt's "Implanting For Indemnity"

"Jonesin In The Rain" by Thomas Han

Detail of L. Crosky's "Slippery When Wet"

Detail of Anthony Clarkson's "Of Little Comfort"

Bathroom by John Michael Gill


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