Photos: WonderCon

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 26 Feb 2008

Artists Dave Crosland (left) and Jim Mahfood aka Food One (right) keep it real

Dave Crosland original work

Old school

Life-size version of robot, Dalek (no, not by the artist featured in Juxtapoz)

The troops are coming!

California's governator even showed up, although he could've gotten himself a bit more put together

The Culprit by Mike Sosnowski

Sosnowski monster prints

Juxtapoz subscription specialist, Tina Yamagata, gets cozy with "Emily" gear

Torn Apart by Demons print by Sosnowski

Juxtapoz web editor, Katie Zuppann, gets goofy with Gumby

Pac Man love

Looks like this guy might love Pac Man even more than Space Invader (just maybe)

Mark McHaley original oil painting

House of Liu bronze edition figures

Crayola's artist designed Upper Playground walrus in the flesh, err... vinyl

Massive Munny: acrylic on vinyl, from Kid Robot

That's it, folks! Otherwise, this family of jedi's might have to lay down the law!